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At Topo we aim to educate our clients and peers in our areas of expertise. We place an emphasis on leading industry and as a result have a desire to pass on this knowledge in the form of on the job mentoring  and also formalised training courses.

Our training courses have been developed to be engaging, practical and outcome focused. Each training course has been prepared for a specific audience group and is therefore relevant and complementary to attendees work needs. Course content reflects the most up to date standards and has been developed through the collective experience of Topo Directors and specialists.  

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ESC 1 - Awareness Training

Introductory training for all general site personnel.

ESC 2 - Intermediate Training

Intermediate Course for Site Supervisors, Engineers, PM’s and Advisors.

ESC 3 - Advanced Training

Advanced Course for Plan Preparers, Designers, Auditors and Specialists seeking CPESC accreditation.

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Type A, B & D Sediment Basin Design Course

Advanced Course for sediment basin designers including the specification and use of coagulants/flocculants and the newly adopted Type A/B basins



ESC 1 - Awareness Training

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Delivered over 4 hours, this course is specifically focussed at construction and maintenance staff undertaking works, either under the direction of a Foreman or Site Supervisor, or working remotely. Attendees will gain knowledge and skills to assist them with installing and maintaining various erosion, sediment and drainage control measures onsite to comply with project and legislative requirements surrounding Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC). 

The content of the ESC 1 course is based on the “Best Practice Erosion and Sediment Control” document (IECA, 2008), however has been designed to provide a practical emphasis relevant to the target audience.  

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The ESC 2 course is delivered over 1 day (8 PDUs) and is specifically focussed at Site Supervisors, Foreman, Environmental Advisors, Engineers and Project Managers tasked with delivering or overseeing projects. The course will provide attendees with the skills and knowledge to assess, identify and comply with requirements related to managing Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) on their worksite. Attendees will gain a solid knowledge base in what the current best practice requirements are, along with practical measures and guidance in how to comply and reduce risk to both the environment and project.

The content of the ESC 2 course is based on the IECA (2008) “Best Practice Erosion and Sediment Control” document. 

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The ESC 3 course is delivered over 3 days (24 PDUs) and is specifically focussed at those tasked with preparing, implementing or assessing erosion and sediment control plans. The course will provide attendees with valuable knowledge which will improve ESC decision making at all project stages (tendering to final project delivery).

The course has been developed to be practical and engaging, with attendee numbers limited to provide the best learning environment. The course covers the theory required to suitably prepare candidates to complete the IECA assessment requirements (fundamentals exam and take home plan preparation assignment) to attain CPESC qualification.

Registration for the ESC 3 course includes attendance of Topo’s Type A, B & D sediment basin design course (day 3).

It is not a prerequisite for attendees to have completed ESC 1 or ESC 2, however attendees should have an existing understanding and experience with erosion and sediment control. A base level of knowledge surrounding soils and the fundamentals of hydrology and hydraulics is preferable.

Completion of the ESC 3 course will assist attendees in developing or assessing an ESC plan which is in accordance with the requirements of the IECA 2008 “Best Practice Erosion and Sediment Control” guideline. 

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Type A, B & D Sediment Basin Design Course

Upcoming Dates:

14 November 2019 - Darwin
28 November 2019 - Brisbane

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Topo’s Type A, B & D sediment basin design course has been developed to support the finalised Appendix B (IECA, 2018) document and updated State Planning Policy (Qld). The 1 day course will provide attendees with valuable design, construction and operational insight into sediment basins including the newly adopted Type A & B basins. Aspects covered will include how to size sediment basin varieties (including using Topo's design tool), how to select appropriate coagulants and flocculants, how to maximise basin performance and efficiency, how to adapt to constrained site conditions, as well as and an in-depth understanding of key design and operational parameters. The course will also provide guidance on construction and operation of Type A & B sediment basins, building on performance assessment and troubleshooting tools provided in the draft Appendix B document.

Attendees will be supplied with a copy of Topo’s free sediment basin sizing tool as well as a jar testing kit to assist in selection and use of coagulants and flocculants. Our presenters will provide insight based on experience of designing and operating Type A & B basins to assist designers and operators in improving design and effectiveness of sediment basins whilst reducing risk and cost.

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