The lean engineering firm.

Topo is a boutique consultancy stripped of the non-essentials. Topo was formed on the premise to be agile, adaptable and progressive. We provide value to our clients where it matters.


Experienced and driven.

All Topo staff are highly experienced and recognised as leaders in their respective fields. When you engage Topo, it is this experience that you receive. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative, practical and efficient solutions for our clients.


No hierarchy.
No bureaucracy.

A team of ambitious professionals is more powerful than an organisation constrained by bureaucracy, titles and internal competition. By encouraging teamwork, we increase quality and efficiency of our services.


Education is key.

At Topo we aim to educate our clients and peers through all areas of our discipline. We adopt an interactive approach to project delivery and are serious about providing the support required for the success of the greater project.