Project Experience.

Topo has been built on the foundation of technical and practical experience coupled with the desire to provide effective and efficient solutions. Throughout their careers, our staff have been involved in some of the largest projects in Australia, but have also delivered countless smaller projects with the same level of commitment. We work in an area that is itself developing, so we have strived to develop with it, innovating and educating to better the industry in which we work. 

We have worked in consultant, client, contractor and regulatory roles and therefore have extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and policy as well as the knowledge to provide the best solution for our clients. For more information on our project experience, please contact us.

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Erosion & Sediment Control

  • Mackay Ring Road – Preparation of detailed construction ESC plans and ongoing advice

  • Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway (CR2SM) – Planning, ongoing advice and expert inspections and reporting

  • Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion – ESC planning, advice and inspections for ongoing contractor compliance

  • Residential developments throughout SEQ council areas – planning and design per Council approval conditions, SPP compliance and CPESC/RPEQ design certification and ongoing inspection

  • Haughton River Floodplain Upgrade (Bruce Highway) – Planning, ongoing advice and expert inspections/auditing and reporting

  • Inland Rail Project (Parks to Narromine) - Planning, ongoing advice and expert inspections/auditing and reporting

  • Expert review and CPESC / RPEQ certification of contractor ESCP’s for a multiple projects

  • Preparation and technical input and leadership of key industry documents, guidelines and policy



Environmental Management

  • Dispersive soil assessments and management plans per ICC implementation guideline 28 and best practice principles for multiple contractors and civil consultants

  • Aura Residential Development (Caloundra South) – ASS investigation for services and civil works

  • Aura Residential Development (Caloundra South) – ASS management plans and verification assessment of treated soils

  • Batter and drainage stabilisation assessment

  • The Haven Residential Development – Dust monitoring and reporting

  • Onsite environmental management roles for a range of contractors and projects

  • Development of rapid ground cover assessment procedure for rehabilitation and right of way assessment

  • Provision of soil assessment, laboratory analysis interpretation and rehabilitation management for many urban (residential and commercial developments) and linear infrastructure projects (roads, rail and pipelines)



Stormwater Management & Flood Assessment


Topo staff have considerable experience in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling and water sensitive urban design.



Education & Training

  • Delivery of IECA approved industry training covering a range of audience levels, experience and duration

  • Advanced ESC training and ongoing support to cover the theory requirements for obtaining CPESC qualification (issued via IECA)

  • Sediment basin design and operation (Type A, B and D) including practical exercises for jar testing and basin design

  • Customised ESC, Dispersive Soil and Acid Sulfate Soil training courses presented onsite to various industry groups including Alliance Projects, Tier 1 and 2 contractors. Local Government and Regulators

  • Prepare Field Guide for QUU to educate subcontractors undertaking BMR works as to requirements and site management activities