New technology for Topo’s training courses

Our training courses are kicking off next week! One change we have made this year is adopting new technology to improve the experience and materials provided to the attendees. Whilst it is well known that the quality of the notes and materials we provide is of a very high standard, we feel that switching to an electronic format will make these resources more user friendly, and more importantly, valuable reference materials at a later date. A secondary driver to make this investment is we recognise that printing large volumes is not sustainable and within our field, we want to lead by example. Using windows tablets and a stylus pen during the course, attendees will be able to read the course content and add additional notes, comments, highlight key points and even doodle directly onto their copy of the training materials. We are looking forward to letting the lucky attendees of our ESC3 course on 26-28 February in Brisbane get the first fingerprints on our new screens. If you haven’t booked your spot now, now is the last chance! Book here!

Ps. Even those of us who are technology novices or have limited IT skills will be able to participate and increase their knowledge (both ESC and IT).

Kyle Robson