The importance of the landscaping stage in ESCP

Often overlooked, the landscaping stage of road construction is usually high risk in terms of erosion and sediment control. It’s a tricky time where project works are undergoing a significant transition, usually from maintaining temporary controls to relying on permanent works to prevent erosion and protect drainage. Your erosion and sediment control plan should provide guidance on maintaining compliance during this transition. Details should include:

  • When and how to decommission temporary diversions and rely on permanent catch drains and culverts. Note that some temporary diversions may need to remain until landscaping is complete and established.
  • When and how primary sediment controls, especially sediment basins, may be decommissioned and the footprint revegetated
  • Whether alternative sediment controls are necessary after basin removal
  • How to protect your landscaping and revegetation until it establishes, noting that re-works can be very expensive and the sediment lost is difficult to control or retrieve

This information is best prepared during the earthworks period in preparation for landscaping, allowing the plan preparer to incorporate any progressive updates on the previous stages. Early preparation of the landscaping stage ESCP also allows progressive landscaping to be completed as earthworks are finalised in individual areas.

Careful examination of the design drainage plan, final treatments and landscape/revegetation plan is essential to ensure you are able to plug the compliance gaps during this transitional period.

Kyle Robson