Community project to stabilise river bank at Weymouth

When the Weymouth Progress Association contacted Topo to ask if we could spare some time to help them attain funding and approval to repair erosion occurring at the Major Street Car Park, of course we were happy to help!

Weymouth is a sleepy fishing town on the northern coast of Tasmania and the Major Street Car Park is the residents’ main access to the Pipers River and its outlet to the Bass Straight. Topo proposed a soft engineering approach for short to medium-term remediation using geotextile bags arranged in tiers. Bags were selected for a number of reasons, primarily due to their flexibility in conforming to the existing bank condition and alignment. With minimal ground preparation, the bags could be used to simultaneously armour the existing bank against further erosion and provide a safe and aesthetic access to the beach.

It’s been quite a process for the Progress Association, but the project went on to gain support from the George Town Council and State Government. Works are now almost complete and stand as a testament to the community’s commitment and perseverance, with just a little bit of engineering help. We’ll be sure to provide an update when it’s complete! Read more from here.

Kyle Robson